Messaging Magic #1

Here’s an ad I think is brilliant. It’s the Cox Communications commercial about their tech support.

It shows an older gentleman on the phone with what sounds like tech support. He’s making the usual complaints – can’t you come over, why aren’t you helping me, etc. The next voice you see and hear is that of his grandson saying, ‘sorry grandpa, mom says I have to get off the phone now.’

What a riot. Doesn’t it drive home the frustration many people have with technology? And don’t they turn to their grandchildren or children to solve their IT problems? So it’s relatable, AND offers a solution that is even better than a child. Adults with expertise and knowledge who are ready to help.

Love it! This is a great example of sticking to a message, wrapping an ad around that message, and pulling people into the essage.

What do you think? Like it? Hate it? Have a commercial you like or hate? Share it.

The next one I'll be sharing is actually a question. I'm curious whether the part of the ad is good or misleading.

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