Why Bother?

I know a lot of solopreneurs who think about using public speaking as a marketing tool. I like this strategy because it accomplishes a lot of the relationship building & exposure they need to grow their businesses.

These same people sometimes struggle with determining where they should speak. Some environemtns don’t seem to make sense. For example, someone who sells B2B (business to business) might think it not worth their time to speak at a Kiwanis or Rotary meeting; or even a church group or PTA. I can certainly see why they’d think this. They don’t think their target audience is in the room, or paying attention.

However, I’m not sure they’re right. Last year I spoke at a Rotary meeting. I really didn’t think it would be a way to build my client base. But, a friend of mine asked me to speak, and I often think these kinds of things are leaps of faith. So, I got up early in the morning and headed over to the meeting. I gave my speech and met some really great people. What’s more, I added some people to my newsletter list. I was more than happy with the outcome.

The other night I conducted a Social Media Hands-on Workshop. Lo and behold, one of the attendees was someone who’d heard me speak that morning last year. He’d been following me ever since and when he saw the workshop on my newsletter, he signed up. This proved to me that the exposure and connections you receive when you do presentations can be invaluable to your business.

Now, do I believe that you should target where you speak and try to gain opportunities at events that are germane to your business? Of course I do! My only point with the story above is to suggest that you not discount other opportunities. You never know where your next piece of business might come from.

When you are providing value through your presentation, people will be drawn to you, and your business will grow.

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