Messaging Magic and Missteps

Last November I was fortunate to have the opportunity to hear Steve Cone of AARP speak about brand promises for the Lakewood and Rocky River Chambers of Commerce. He was engaging and interesting. Ever since that meeting I find myself critiquing TV commercials (and sometimes radio commercials).

Effective messaging is one of the hardest things to achieve; especially when you have time and room. What I mean is this - the more time you have to fill in a commercial, or the more space you have to fill in an article, post, or ad, the harder it is to remain clear and succinct. You can, actually, find yourself losing your message.

Through this series of blog posts I'm going to share what I think about some of the ads I experience. I welcome you to join in the fun. Got a favorite magical ad or maybe  one that misses the mark? Share it here. We could all learn from what others do. Hopefully we'll be better at our own messaging from the experience.

Let's start with Magic!

Cox Communications has what I think is a great ad out right now. It shows an elderly gentlemen on the phone with what appears to be customer service at a technology company. He's obviously frustrated. We find out that he is instead speaking with his grandson. Hilarious! We can all relate to the idea that kids are better at understanding technology than the more senior population. A representative from Cox then comes on to talk about their technical service program. The ad has good humor and speaks to something we can relate to. At the end they provide us with a solution to the frustration we may be feeling with our current vendor.

This one, in my opinion, is a hit. What do you think? Have you seen it? Do you agree? Is there an ad you particularly like or dislike? Feel free to share!


Nancy said...

Thought the same thing when I saw the Cox commercial.
Love the ETrade babies even though it slams the intelligence of the adults. They still make me laugh.

Commercial I dislike...the KIA car one with the rodents in the hood singing. Creeps me out and just stupid.

Diane said...

I agree! I think the KIA ad appeals to men. What say you fellas? I know my husband likes it but my daughter and I don't.