Lemonade Lesson #27 - Always On

"As a small business owner or salesperson you are always on. You are always presenting, marketing, selling, and producing. Failure to acknowledge this will prevent you from being as successful as you could be. I dare say it can actually do harm to your business." excerpt from Lemonade Stand Selling

Here's why this is important. You need to know that everywhere you go you are a representation of your business. When you speak, write, network, etc people are learning about your company by your actions.

When you know what you want your company to be to others, your actions have to map with that goal. Otherwise, you will do damage to your business. So, don't air your dirty laundry or gossip about others. Don't complain about your difficult clients. Don't act in a manner that is contrary to your company's vision and message.

Keeping in mind that you are always on and being evaluated will help you make the right decisions and communicate in a consistent manner.

In Lemonade Lesson #28 we'll talk about being Always On in Marketing, Selling, and Producing

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