Lemonade Lesson #25 - Objections

Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday we skipped a week of lessons. We are now back on track.

"Objections don't have to be scary. When you work your process effectively and still get an objection, it is an indication that you either missed something, the prospect didn't tell you everything, or they didn't hear you clearly. Any one of these things can be dealt with easily." excerpt from Lemonade Stand Selling

I love a good objection! Why? Because it tells me where we fell off the track. And as I say in the book, it's simply an indication of a miscommunication when you work your process effectively. So, let's go with the assumption that you've worked your process effectively. If you get an objection there is a simple way to deal with it. Apologize to the prospect and suggest that maybe you missed or misunderstood something from your previous conversation. Gain permission to review what you believe you heard during that conversation and start going through your notes outloud. The prospect will tell you where you left the track.

If you get through it and you heard everything clearly then something on their end has changed. You can say - 'Well, I've been through everything we talked about and it seems I heard you correctly. The information I've presented to you meets the needs that we covered. So, somewhere there's a disconnect. Can you help me see where it is from your perspective?'
Here you are again confirming that not only did you hear them correctly but you responded correctly to their needs. You then are putting the ball in their court to tell you where the misunderstanding is. In all honesty, it is absolutely on their side and odds are that they have failed to provide you with a critical piece of information. Flush it out here.

This may be a huge red flag that they are not someone you want to do business with. If it's this difficult at the proposal stage, imagine what it will be like when you are working with them and trying to get paid!

Now I made an assumption a minute ago about you working your process effectively. If you aren't working it effectively you probably will not even get the opportunity to present a proposal. The objection you will get is having the door shut on you before that chance. If this is happening to you, take a good look at your process and identify where it is ineffective. Fix it and move on.

Our next Lemonade Lesson #26 will be Keeping the Clients You Have 

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