Lemonade Lesson #22 - Don't Tell The Prospect EVERYTHING

"Remember, it's not about you telling your prospect all the features of your product or service. What matters is that you show the benefit TO THEM that can help solve their problem; the problem you discovered when you asked questions." excerpt from Lemonade Stand Selling

For some reasons salespeople think they are supposed to tell a prospect everything about their product or service. It's as if they think that if they talk enough a lightbulb will go on in the prospect's head. Or maybe they think that if they forget to say something they'll miss an opportunity.

The problem with this is that the prospect doesn't care about everything. They care about getting a solution to their problem. When you start talking and don't stop what you are really saying is that you are more interested in selling your product/service than you are in helping your prospect. It's about you - not them.

Guess what - the prospect isn't supposed to care about you. They are supposed to care about themselves. And YOU are supposed to care about them. You'll get your needs met when you focus on helping your prospect get their needs met.

So when you sell, stay focused on your prospect's need. 

In Lemonade Lesson #23 we'll talk about the business information you need to gain from your prospect.

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