Writing Habits and Disciplines

Last Monday I had the pleasure of having John Ettorre of Working with Words on my radio show. John is a prolific writer and writing coach. He works with companies and organizations of all sizes helping them deliver their messages.

John gave us a lot of valuable information including 12 habits and principles. They are:
1. Do a little bit of writing every day
2. Forget what your 7th grade teacher taught you (except the importance of starting with an outline)
3. Read out loud to hear the flow, pauses, message
4. Have a trusted reader
5. Proofread - print it and read it
6. Don't count on spell check
7. Write in the morning
8. Work within your biorhythms
9. Have a standard place wher eyou go every day to write
10. Read poetry to remind yourself of the value of brevity, as well as how to paint a word picture
11. Read a good dictionary

You can hear more nuggets of wisdom by visiting the show page here.

What are you doing about your writing? Let me know what tricks and tips you have for establishing a writing habit.

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