The Power of Positive Thinking

Have you heard of Amway? Of course! Who hasn't. A multi-national enterprise that over the years has helped large numbers of people start and maintain small businesses. Recently they launched something called the Positivity Project to emphasis the power of positive thinking.

What a great idea! I know firsthand how much is possible when you believe! How about you? What is your story? How has the power of positive thinking impacted your life? Amway wants to know. They're even conducting a contest to find the best stories about the impact of positive thinking.

Visit the Amway Global Facebook page to submit your story. And then, pay it forward. Share the concept with your friends. There's a saying - 'a rising tide lifts all boats.' Let's get the biggest tide going that we can! Together, with positive thinking, we CAN change the world.

Are you with me? Great! I knew you would be.

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