Lemonade Lesson #17 - The Value of Leads Groups

"Ultimately, people join leads groups to increase their own business. The METHOD is helping others increase business. If everyone in the group focuses on two things, the group will be tremendously successful.
The first thing is building relationships with the other members. . . . The secon thing is giving quality referrals to the other members." excerpt from Lemonade Stand Selling

This is a pretty big topic so we'll visit it over a couple of blog posts. The first point to discuss is the relationship building aspect of leads groups. Think about it for a moment. You are in a group with other people who have their own products and services to offer. There should not be an expectation that you will do business with the people in the group. That's not why you are there. Quite frankly, that's too short-sighted.

If your goal is to sell your product or service to the people in your group, what are you going to do once you've capture all of those people? Where do you go from there? And what if they don't need what you have to sell?

The point of the group is to build relationships with the members so they are thinking about you OUTSIDE of the meetings. You want to get to know them and let them get to know you so you feel comfortable referring them to your closest contacts and clients. You need to know how they do business, what they believe, who their ideal client is, and so on. This knowledge helps you help them. And vice versa.

Next Tuesday we'll explore the quality referral aspect of leads groups in Lemonade Lesson #18.

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