Yes You Can

There is a distinct difference between those who believe they can and those who don't. They are both right. The difference is the accomplishments experienced by those who think they can.

I marvel on a daily basis at the people who believe they can. That belief is the foundation upon which they launch. I watch new entrepreneurs, new authors, as well as seasoned business people who embrace change.

They all have something in common and it is a belief that they can; a positive attitude. That's it. No magic, no tricks, no advanced college degree. simply the belief that they can achieve something they currently don't have.

Remember I said that those who don't believe they can are also right. That may sound strange but think about it for a minute. They believe they can't and therefore don't try. Or don't try with energy and commitment. And so, they get exactly what they expected - nothing.

What is your decision? What side of the fence do you sit on? I sit on the 'yes I can' side. And I am proven right over and over and over again. That proof serves as a propellor and helps me continue to move forward. It feeds on itself. The more I believe I can, the more I accomplish which makes me believe more strongly, and accomplish more. Now that's a hamster wheel to be on!

So again I ask - what can you do in your business today? What can you decide you CAN do and then set out to accomplish? Can't wait to hear your story!

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