Lemonade Lesson #12 - Face Off With Facebook

"Facebook is used by many people for personal communication with friends and family. There are, however, a lot of business people using it for their business. They set up a page that is focused on their business." excerpt from Lemonade Stand Selling

Facebook Fan Pages were originally thought to be of value for B2C only. However, they are becoming more valuable for B2B companies as well. The value of a Facebook Fan Page is this - you can let your followers know about events, specials, new products, etc via your fan page. There is a place to engage with your clients and prospects - the discussion tab.

Remember that marketing has changed from outbound to inbound. When you have a Facebook Fan Page you can draw your prospects and clients to you. Many companies find that their clients will comment on their fan page, basically providing testimonials that the world can see.

Since many websites were set up a while ago and are therefore static, you can use your Facebook Fan Page to be interactive. And remember, Google rankings look for current content. We've learned that because of this they are looking at the social networks for that content. Having an interactive Facebook Fan Page for your business can help you in the Google rankings.

I connected my blog to my Facebook Fan Page and often list events there. With a button on your website suggesting that people follow you on facebook you can connect your webpage to your Facebook Fan Page.

Visit My Facebook Fan Page to see an example.

Next Monday Lemonade Lesson #13 - Strategic Alliances

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