Don't Assume

Yesterday I was filming a video clip for COSE Mindspring. I talked about being careful to not assume that you know why someone isn't getting back to you.

In sales there is the danger of assuming you know why a prospect isn't returning your call or responding to your voicemail or email. The problem here is that you are most likely wrong. We set ourselves up for failure when we automatically go to the worst possibility. That possibility is this - 'they don't want what I have to sell.'

Well, there's a lack of confidence! There are many reasons why someone might not return your call. So, why go the the worst reason? Consider this - they have other priorities, other issues to deal with; they are overloaded and just dealing with the most immediate; they have every intention of returning your call but other things keep getting in their way. And the list goes on.

Try this on - be pleasantly persistent and keep reaching out. Try different messaging or increase the time between calls. Be kind and assume that they really do want to speak with you when the time is right.

Your job as a salesperson is to have confidence in yourself, your product/service, and your company. When you know that you have something of value to others, it's not a 'no' until they say 'no.'

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