Lemonade Lesson #8 - Solid Forms of Prospecting

"Prospecting is about how YOU get in front of people. Once again there are various methods you can use depending on your industry and your comfort level." excerpt from Lemonade Stand Selling

There truly are many ways of prospecting. It is my belief that you should pick a couple of them and do them in concert with each other. To only do one at a time doesn't create the energy and awareness you need to move your business forward. And remember, whichever methods you choose, be sure they are comfortable to you. Otherwise you just won't do them.

Here's a list of possible avenues:
Cold Calling
Introductory Letter
Public Speaking
Newsletter or e-Newsletter
Referral Based Prospecting
Social Media
Strategic Alliances
Direct Mail

See what I mean?! Some are passive but most are active. I think if you combine passive with active you'll create a program that generates activity and exposure. Remember to investigate each method against where your target market is. You want to be sure to reach them where they are so some methods won't make sense. Conversely, some methods will make sense as long as you implement them in a way that reaches your market.

Next week we'll explore Lemonade Lesson #9 - Using Social Media to Prospect

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