Lemonade Lesson #7 - Don't Prospect Via Email, Please!

Did you notice no post on Monday? Hmmm . . .  just checking!

"Emailing is lazy, non-personal, and ineffective. I submit that people use email to prospect because they want to blanket the field, but aren't considering whether the method is results oriented." excerpt from Lemonade Stand Selling

Yep, I said lazy. People want to believe that you want to do business with THEM - not just anyone. When you email prospect you are not sending that message. Sales is about relationship building. I submit you can not build a relationship with a prospect via email - unless you have already started the process in person.

I'm not talking about email marketing - like having a newsletter. I'm talking about creating a pitch letter and then emailing it to people. These emails usually end with 'If this sounds good, give me a call.' Not only is it passive but unprofessional.

Plus it could easily end up in the spam filter and never get to the target.

Get out there and reach out to people. They can't get to know, like, and trust you if they can't see or hear you.

Next Monday's Lemonade Lesson #8 - Solid Forms of Prospecting

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