Lemonade Lesson #6 - When Passive Prospecting Works

"Prospecting is about how YOU get in front of people. Once again, there are various methods you can use depending on your industry and your comfort level." excerpt from Lemonade Stand Selling

Further on in the book I explain how prospecting is an activity and should not be passive. I describe situations where business owners and salespeople use ONLY passive prospecting in hopes of growing their business. Passive prospecting includes email. Email is a terrible prospecting vehicle for many reasons - reasons we'll discuss in Lemonade Lesson #7.

However, there are ways that passive prospecting is valuable. One way it works is when it is used in concert with active prospecting methods. An example of passive prospecting is advertising. When you advertise in a magazine, newspaper, or website you are putting information out about your business and leaving it up to anyone to respond to it. The activity is on the part of the prospect. Advertising works best when it is partnered with active prospecting. It helps build credibility.

Article marketing is another form of passive prospecting. You are writing articles and posting them on article submission websites in the hopes that someone will see them and contact you. That's passive. However, its value is in building credibility and exposure.

Many times a website is passive. When it is static - no updates occur - it is a passive element of prospecting. Its value is in a couple of things. 1. It is available 24/7/365. 2. You can drive people to it so they can find out about you and your business on their own. The activity is in the hands of the prospect.

So you can see that there are ways in which passive prospecting is of value. As we'll discuss in Lemonade Lesson #7, emailing is never one of them.

So join me on Monday when we'll be discussing Lemonade Lesson #7 - Don't Prospect Via Email, Please! 

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