Once a Jerk . . .

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from my good friend Jonathan Farrington. Apparently, someone in Chicago, Illinois by the name of Michael J. Roman had been plagiarizing Jonathan's work. Upon further investigation, Jonathan discovered that this Michael had been plagiarizing just about everyone.

While imitation may be the biggest form of flattery it is not a good thing to pretend you are someone else - or that someone else's words, wisdom, and insight are yours. You can't sustain it. Sure enough, this Michael got caught.

Several emails went back and forth between Jonathan and Michael and there were numerous blog posts calling Michael out. Michael apologized profusely, admitted the error of his ways and asked for forgiveness. My friend Jonathan is one of the good guys and graciously accepted Michael's apology.

Fast forward to today - Michael is at it again! Note the information I received earlier today from the blog of Skip Anderson -
A commenter shares this:

His blog is back up churning out 2 posts a day starting a week ago. And you don't have to look far to see that he is doing the same old, same old.

Seven Qualities of a Good Leader (last post) also here: (actually written by Barbara White) http://www.groco.com/readingroom/bus_goodleader.aspx

(Who'd be silly enough to steal from a law firm, eh?)

Essential Steps to Effective Negotiation also here: (From Everyone Negotiates)  http://negotiationsworkshop.com/negotiation-training-15-Negotiation-Workshop-Rules-Every-Negotiator-Must-Know.html

It is my opinion that this has to stop. This man has no respect for the intellectual property of others. And apparently can't write his own stuff. In reality, all he had to do was credit the actual author. But to take someone else's words as your own is stealing.

These authors work hard to provide great content to their audience. They should be treated better.

If you agree that this is wrong then reach out to Mr. Roman and tell him to stop. You can email him here - http://www.michaeljroman.com/Contact.html

Let's stop him now.

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