2010 Business Baby Shower Contest Winners Announced

I have been honored to be involved with this contest and am happy to share the contest winners with you.


June 22, 2010

Traci Bisson

Contest celebrates entrepreneurial moms and all they do to birth and grow a business

Barrington, NH – The Business Baby Shower, a new contest celebrating entrepreneurial moms and all they do to birth and grow a successful company while balancing family life, recently announced their first-ever winners: Robyn Pellei of ViveVita, LLC (1st place), Lori Sawyer of LS-Fitness, LLC/Mommy Moves (2nd place) and Carolyn Carter of CaitiMac Creations, LLC (3rd place).

The Contest, which was launched as a partnership between The Mom Entrepreneur and Corporate Mom DropOuts, ran from January 1 – April 30, 2010. Its goal was to create awareness of mom entrepreneur companies and their products and services. Participants completed an application process and submitted a two-minute video of their business for consideration by an esteemed panel of judges, which included Tamara Monosoff of Mom Invented, Stacey Kannenberg of Cedar Valley Publishing and Andrew Morrison of Small Business Camp.

Each winner received a prize package worth thousands of dollars of products and services as well as media coverage and support from over 20 media sponsors.

“A friend told me about the Business Baby Shower Contest, and I entered because I was intrigued and inspired by the prizes,” said 1st place winner Robyn Pellei of ViveVita, LLC (www.vivevita.com) who started her business in 2008. Her North Carolina-based product company provides practical solutions for common parenting challenges. Pellei, the mother of nine children, was frustrated by problems that she encountered in her own hectic life – such as keeping track of which cup belonged to each of her kids – so she started making cup and bottle labels to identify family members’ drinks. Now, she’s creating other products to solve a variety of daily problems that parents encounter, such as keeping track of multiple children in public places.

“I am thrilled to have won and I’m especially enthusiastic about the business coaching, Web help and public relations guidance,” Pellei added. “I entered the contest because of the prizes – they were all so relevant for mom entrepreneurs like me.”

Second place winner Lori Sawyer of LS-Fitness, LLC/Mommy Moves (www.mommy-moves.com) used her personal training background to start several stroller classes per week back in 2008, after the birth of her first child. Since then, she’s expanded to offer more stroller classes, private and group personal training, boot camps, Pilate’s classes and a running program for moms.

“All of the prizes that I won through the Business Baby Shower Contest will really help me grow my business,” said Sawyer, a New Jersey-based mom entrepreneur. “”I’m excited about the resources, contacts and advice that I’ve won, which will help me reach my professional goals, including expanding my classes and adding new fitness and nutrition-themed products.”

Carolyn Carter of CaitiMac Creations, LLC (www.CaitiMacCreations.com) located in Indianapolis, IN, was the 3rd place winner. She started her business in 2007 when her oldest child was six months old. At the time, her baby daughter was carrying around a blanket, and Carter needed something to help keep the “lovey” off of dirty floors. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for, she developed her own solution, the Clingy Cord. When people stopped her at the grocery store and the mall to ask where they could buy one, Carter knew she had a great idea for a business. Her products, including Clingy Cords, a savvy accessory for children who love to throw their sippy cups, bottles, blankets, pacifiers, and toys onto the dirty floor, have grown in popularity, mostly through word-of-mouth among mothers.

“The Business Baby Shower Contest was a great idea, great concept and great opportunity for mom entrepreneurs like me. I really appreciate the variety of prizes, especially the marketing and advertising services that will help me get the word out about my company, and help me take my business to the next level,” Carter explained.

“As a mom entrepreneur myself, I’ve found that starting and growing my own business was very similar to the process of birthing and raising my children. There’s a lot of love, dedication, commitment, hard work – and occasional frustrations – that go into both,” said Lucinda Cross, of Corporate Mom DropOuts, co-founder of the Contest. “We’ve created a forum that recognizes and honors the unique challenges that go into simultaneously raising children and ‘birthing’ a business.”

Winners of the 2010 Business Baby Shower Contest will receive support and guidance over the next several months from the founders as they receive all of their prizes and media coverage from sponsors.

“We work extensively with mom entrepreneurs and are continually inspired by their creativity, innovative ideas, tenacity, exceptional multi-tasking and ability to balance their careers and families,” said Traci Bisson of The Mom Entrepreneur, co-founder of the Contest. “The Business Baby Shower celebrates all of these wonderful attributes and has allowed us to highlight and honor some really amazing women.”

For more information, please visit www.businessbabyshower.com.

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