Don't Push

I've spoken with a couple of small business owners today and there seems to be a theme. They all said that they have slowed down their sales process because they didn't want to seem pushy.

As I told them, sales is not about pushing, prodding, persuading, or convincing. It IS about matching a need with a solution. When you have a conversation that is geared toward trying to identify whether you actually have something that might be of value to the other person, the landscape changes.

Here are 3 steps to use when selling:
1. Go into the conversation understanding that you may or may not have something the other person needs
2. Ask a lot of questions to identify the true needs of the other person
3. Really listen to the answers. You'll know at this point whether you can match your product or service to their need. If you can, great, explain how. If you can't, tell them that too.

Honesty and sincerity are key to effective sales. Practice them today!


Anonymous said...

From a business stand point is there "character points" for identifying that you don't meet their needs but you assist them in locating that need?

Diane said...

Absolutely! You become more valuable to people when you are honest with them. They may not be able to do business with you but they sure will refer you to others!