From Emotional Intelligence to Cold Calling

Great Show with Lauren Burnett and Colly Graham

On Monday, March 8, 2010 we had a couple of great conversations on Accelerate Your Business Growth. We started with Lauren Burnett talking about the value of understanding how emotional intelligence impacts customer service. Luaren talked about how business used to be transactional but is now a customer service experience. We are judged by the experience our clients have. THere are points of connection and accountability.

Lauren explained how the event plus our interpretation of it plus our response equals the outcome. It is important to have accessibility and likeability. And when you think about your own experiences you can see how true this is. After the show I noticed how people dealt with their clients and prospects. I noticed when the store clerk asked how he could help but didn't look at the client. There was much, much more that Lauren shared with us and you can hear it all at

Then we were joined by Colly Graham and what a great conversation we had! Colly talked about cold calling and shared that sending an introductory letter helps grease the wheels. I was so glad to hear that because when I was in sales that's exactly what I did! The validation was great. He explained how you can use social media to research your prospects so you know who they are and who they are connected to.

From asking the gatekeeper's name to what to say when leaving a voicemail message, Colly touched on all aspects of the cold calling game. As a matter of fact, when he works with sales teams he plays a game with them - you must get 10 nos in a row or you have to start over. He was truly a delight and I can't wait until he brings his program to the States.

Hear the show in it's entirety and bookmark the host page for future shows at

We're havin' a blast!

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