A Conversation About Communication and Baby Boomers

Last Monday we had a great radio show with guests Tameka Taylor and Dick Dawson. Tameka shared her thoughts on the value of effective communication for companies and Dick explained this Baby Boomer generation and how to do business with them.

What I learned from Tameka:
There is a difference between intent and impact. It is the responsibility of the leaders within an organization to be sure their intent is coming across. Since only 7% of communication is words we need to monitor our non-verbal, tone, intonation to be sure we are conveying the correct message.

In addtion we have to be willing to get feedback and do something with it. I thought this was an excellent point. Too often leaders within an organization are shut off from receiving feedback that can only help them optimize their efforts.

There are various styles of communication - male/female, general, cultural, conflict resolution, etc. When you can capitalize on the differences in communication styles you can elevate your organization. First you have to be aware of those styles as well as the influences around people. If there are stressers this can impact how people communicate.

When Dick Dawon joined us he helped us understand how it is that baby boomers - the 79 million of them - think. Boomers want to feel valued, they want flexibility and challenge

All of these communication ideas apply to organizations of every size - even one! That's because we have others who we need to help us accomplish our goals. Today's seniors are more active and vital. Boomers want interaction and want to be listened to, heard. They can look at a situation and know whether it is good for them. When you offer them something that gives them value and allows them to connect better with people, especially family, you'll have them. Make their lives easier! They are savvy, experienced buyers so you can't fool them.

And don't try selling them via email because that's not their style!

You can hear it all by visiting my host page here. And remember to bookmark it so you can come back to hear future shows!

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