5 Keys to Success in Business

On Friday, March 5th I had the great pleasure of hearing Andre 'Thunder' Thornton speak at the AdVentures Small Business Symposium. He is an award winning Cleveland Indian turned business owner. As the owner of ASW Global, Andre shared what he believes are the 5 keys to business success.

1. Have the right vision. Make sure it is a vision based in great values. Be sure it is a vision supported by a mission - personal and corporate. Understand how your personal mission impacts how your employees interact with everyone. And, be sure your vision is built in integrity.

2. Bring in the right people to be on your team. These people MUST have the same values as you. They must share your vision and commitment to excellence.

3. Have the right strategy; a plan that you can follow and that guides your actions. Your strategy will bring process to your vision. A process centered company can accomplish great things because there is consistency and continuity in the steps that are followed on a daily basis.

4. Have the right resources. This includes mentors and people. Make sure you have access to human capital.

5. Have the right concept of rewards. Share success, share recognition, and remember that rewards are not always about money.

I couldn't agree more. One that I would add is keep your ego out of it. It's not about you - it's about the vision and making it a reality. When you surround yourself with great people who share your vision and commitment, together you can do great things.

What are your 5 keys to success in business?

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