Notes from the Show

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking with Anita Campbell, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Small Business Trends, on my radio show. We talked about how to make money with your website. Anita provided us with a lot of really great information and things to think about.

You can listen to the show by clicking on the media player at Accelerate Your Business Growth.

Some of the takeaways from the show are:

Take the time to do some self-education
Take advantage of tools like as you go through that educational process
Direct Monetization is:
  • when you provide information for free and sponsors and advertisers pay for it. This is a method that takes a great deal of time to build as an effective way to make money.
  • having an ecommerce site where you sell actual items on your website
  • participating in affiliate sales where you well other people's products and receive commission
  • having a membership site where people pay a subscription
Indirect Monetization is:
Using your website to gain credibility and exposure so that people hire you
Using your website as a marketing arm to help brand you and your business
website, blog, whitepapers

No matter which method you choose remember to stay focused on where you are going. Pick 1-3 things to concentrate on and then move forward with those things.

-create content intentionally with a clear vision of what and how it supports your ultimate business goals
-don't gum up your site with things that dilute your message
-think about what kind of content would further your business goals
-do keyword searches - can help with this

And above all, have goals that are written and visible to you on a daily basis.

This is merely a recap as Anita provided us with a lot of really great information.

Take a listen and then let me know what you think. Do you have any other ideas of ways to make money using the internet?

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