Lemonade Stand Selling

Great news! My book, 'Lemonade Stand Selling' is out on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com today!

This book gives every small business owner sales strategies and real-world examples of how to approach business development, networking, new products, customer service, and basic marketing tools to accelerate business growth immediately.

Here are some early reviews about 'Lemonade Stand Selling: Accelerate Your Business Growth':

"At the core of every successful organization is the ability to sell - nothing happens in this world until somebody sells something. This is essentially Diane's message, and she conveys that message superbly. This is a must read book for all small business owners and entrepreneurs - and, I do mean MUST." Jonathan Farrington, Chairman of The Sales Corporation

"Diane Helbig has written an excellent little book for small-business people about how to make the sale. Lemonade Stand Selling does precisely what the title suggests: it makes the process of prospecting for customers, networking and retaining customers “lemonade stand selling.” This book is all about simplicity. You’re not forced to learn some complex sales system, with a special set of terminology. Rather, Lemonade Stand Selling addresses the sales process as everyday situations any business person may find himself or herself in." Anita Campbell, President and Editor-in-Chief of Small Business Trends

'Lemonade Stand Selling: Accelerate Your Business Growth' on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.com now.


John Ettorre said...

Serious congrats, Diane. I look forward to toasting you over a flute of champagne at our next opportunity.

Diane said...

Thanks John. I am so glad it is back in circulation. Now the fun begins.