Fantastic Food

Yesterday I had the pleasure of eating lunch at Mia Cucina in New Albany, Ohio. It is a fairly new restaurant. Not only was the food superb but the service was outstanding. The thing about restaurants is that you need some key ingredients to be successful - quality management, quality food, quality service, and a great location.

These guys have it all. I found it hard to decide what to eat because of the extensive menu. But once I did, I was not disappointed. The owners bring a history of successful restaurant experience to this place.

As a business development coach I love to see and experience businesses that work well. This is the reason my time at Mia Cucina was so well spent. They really get it. And they welcome input from their clientele. Not afraid of criticism because they know it will help them be a better business, they welcome all comments. Of course, they especially like the compliments. And those far outweigh any discontent.

I highly recommend this establishment to anyone in the Greater Columbus area and to anyone traveling to the center of the state.

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