Packaging Your Product or Service

When someone asks you what it is you sell, what do you say? Do you have a clear and concise vision of what it is that you do? If you can’t articulate it clearly, you will lose people at the outset. When they can’t land on what it is you do, you lose out on the business.

This is an area a lot of small business owners struggle with. Sometimes it’s because they are afraid of missing out on a piece of business so they state everything in one long stream. Other times it’s because they aren’t sure how to describe their product or service. They haven’t packaged it in a way that makes it clear to them – or their prospect.

So, how do you figure it out? Follow these steps:
1. Write down the actual thing – what is IT? What is the actual product or service? If there is more than one, write each one down on a separate line.
When you offer a service you must define the scope of work. This is the actual work you are going to do. It is specific, has parameters, and a beginning, middle and end.
2. Write down the value your product or service brings to the client. What is the benefit they receive? This step is critical. There has to be a benefit or they won’t buy it.
So, ask yourself, what is the problem that your product or service solves? THAT is the benefit to your prospect.
3. What is the cost to the client? Please have real clarity here. Remember you are trying to define and package your product/service. The cost is integral to the process.

You can speak clearly about your offering when you can identify each of these areas. You have effectively packaged your product or service in a way that you, and anyone else, can understand.

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