Differentiate the Right Way

Today I was having a conversation with a friend of mine. We were talking about how important it is to differentiate yourself from the competition. The problem is the way so many companies try to do this.

They decide that the best way is to create a powerpoint with a lot of jargon, diagrams and data. You know the idea - WE have a better more developed program for getting the same thing done. Let us wow you with our 'program' - really the latest and greatest.

Unfortunately, all they do is become lumped in with their competition. Just another salesperson trying to wow me with something fancy.

If you want to differentiate yourself, be real, be you. Yep, that's right. Just be genuine and ask yourself a couple of questions.

1. Do you want to help people/companies solve a problem?

2. Do you believe you have the best solution for those people/companies?

3. How do you like to be dealt with?

Okay, now go out and just be you. Just talk with people - and don't do all the talking. If you are simply honest about how you think and how you want to help them, then you can ask them some questions to find out what they need.

It is, after all, about building trust. People have to trust YOU - not your program or your company. Try it on for size.

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