The Good News About Networking

I consistently encounter people who tell me that they shy away from networking. For some it's because they are uncomfortable walking into a room full of people. For others it's because they are uncomfortable with the idea of selling in that environment.

Boy, do I have good news for them! Most people feel uncomfortable walking into a room full of strangers. We have this idea that they all know each other and we are the odd man out. This can be especially true for introverts. Well, here's something to think about - there are others just like you in the room. They are hoping that someone will strike up a conversation with them. Why not you?

For those people who don't want to be selling the room, I have really great news. DON'T!!

You don't like it when other people do it to you so don't do it to them. Try to get to know one person there. Walk up to a stranger, stick out your hand, and say, "I don't believe we've met. I'm (fill in the blank)." When they introduce themselves ask them what they do. And then ask them another open ended, information seeking, question. Ask them how they happened to land in their current field. And really listen to their answer.

Remember this - it's about them, not you. That should take the pressure off already!

In about an hour I'll be leading a masterclass online about this very subject. If you can't join us but are interested in the content, let me know. I'd be happy to provide you with some information.

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