Who Is It?

Someone is in front of your clients. Is it you? Too often we get comfortable with our older clients and think all is well. However, in this kind of economy, nothing is safe.

It may be that the contact you've had there left, or the leadership is asking everyone to cut cost. Or your contact may be trying to validate their worth so they keep their job. Whatever the case may be, chances are your clients are talking to your competition.

And whether your client is seeking out your competition or your competition is knocking on their door, you better be in there talking with your current clients so you are top of mind. It is your job to keep in touch with your current clients so you are aware of the landscape.

Vendors all over the country are finding themselves out of business with clients they have had a long term relationship with. They made the mistake of thinking their clients were their partners and were ever loyal.

While you must be a partner to your clients - the same is not true in reverse. Your clients will always be looking out for their best interests first. Remember that. Pick up the phone, or stop in. Whatever it takes, make sure you are communicating with your client base - Today!

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