Vision That Sticks

On Wednesday of last week I had the privelege of hearing John DiJulius speak at the COSE Small Business Conference. So much of what he said resonated with me. The following is part of his message that I think we should all keep in mind.

Find the 2 or 3 pillars that define you and your company - that's your value. Once you know your value, you have your vision. Is your vision strong enough that your business will continue 50 years after you are gone?

Think about Disney World. It runs the same way it did one the day it opened; because Walt Disney had vision. He never waivered from it and he indoctrinated it in his employees - or I should say Cast Members.

According to John DiJulius, one of the great things about having a strong vision is that it helps you weed out the people who SHOULDN'T be working for you. It's those people who don't buy into your vision. People need to earn the right to be a part of your culture and legacy. When you have a strong culture you will attract the kinds of people you WANT to be surrounded by.

Together you'll be able to increase your value instead of competing on price. It makes price irrelevant.

I was really struck by these words because so many times we hire to fill a chair. We don't think about the impact it is having on the success, or failure, of our business. You have the right to employ only those people who want to be a part of your vision and future; those people who are so jazzed by your vision that they want to help you achieve it.

Is it time to do a reality check on your own company? Do you have some riffraff amongst the pearls? It may be time to re-interview your staff. Keep the standards high and expectations clear. You'll be better off sooner than you think.

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