An Ear Inside

Have you ever called yourself or your company to hear what it sounds like? Think for a minute about how the people calling you experience your company. Do they get you? Do they get a person? Do they become caught up in an auto-attendant spiral?

I called a company the other day to leave a message for someone. Unfortunately, I got caught in auto-attendant spiral and couldn't get where I needed to go. This experience had an impact on my opinion of the company; and it wasn't great!

If you think for a minute about how you want your clients and prospects to feel when they are dealing with you, extend that thought to all of the ways they are impacted. These ways include calling you, leaving you a message, speaking with you, visiting your website, email, snail mail, face to face.

All of these avenues matter. Don't think for a minute that your auto-attendant is a small piece of the puzzle. This is many times the first experience someone is going to have with you. If it is difficult it isn't going to make them want to deal with you. You've just inconvenienced them.

You are, in a matter of speaking, telling them that you don't care about whether you hear from them or not. Consider your own experience. How frustrated do you get when you can't reach someone? Exactly! So, be careful you don't create the same situation in your business.

This is why I strongly suggest you call yourself. Live the experience that others are living and make sure it is a good one! If it isn't GREAT, change it. Having a great experience may not push someone to work with you but it certainly won't push them away.

We'll continue this dialogue in future posts and explore the other ways your clients and prospects experience you and your company.

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