Your Actions Speak

Today I was driving behind a truck. This truck had the company name across the back, with phone number. All I will tell you is the truck was from a painting company - I'm not going to tell you which one (out of respect).

All of a sudden the driver threw a banana peel out the window.

Do you know what struck me? They litter. Now my image of that company is that they are sloppy, lazy and unconcerned with their environment. Are they going to treat the home or building they paint with the same disregard?

Most likely not. However, many of you know that I've talked about always being on. No matter what you do or where you are, when you represent a company you are always in a position for people to draw conclusions about you, your work, your quality, etc.

The day you decide to put your company name on your truck is the day you should decide to monitor your behavior. Before you throw something out the window, ask yourself how that might look.

Think about how your actions can have a negative, or positive, impact on your business. It matters.

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