Does Behavior Matter?

There are so many people apologizing these days for less than stellar behavior that it has me asking just how much our behavior matters. Do you draw conclusions about people based on their behavior - both good and bad? Does it matter more if you know the person?

I ask because I see these people in the spotlight who act without thinking about the repercussions and then have to apologize. Then what happens is that there is a group of people who don't accept their apology as sincere.

Now why is that? And what, you may be asking, does this have to do with business. Well, I'll tell you. EVERYTHING!

People fail to realize that their behavior matters; that people ARE paying attention and developing a picture of you based, sometimes solely, on your behavior. Think about the people you encounter throughout your days. If someone is perpetually difficult or unpleasant, does it make you want to work with that person? If someone speaks badly of their competition or of others do you wonder what they say about you?

It is my opinion that regardless of how well-known you are, you have an obligation to yourself to be on your best behavior as often as possible. I admit that sometimes it can be difficult. You may find yourself speaking badly about someone. Okay, let's be honest - it happens.

Stop it as quickly as possible and try to identify how that happens. If you find that someone else starts the bashing, try to be really aware of how you respond. There are diplomatic ways to get out of those conversations. Find one!

Listen, we all have bad days. Realizing it and getting out of it as quickly as possible is what matters. Just remember, most of us craft our view of others based on their behavior. It's much easier to maintain a good profile than to have to rebuild a broken one.

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