Month End Sales Scramble

This is one of the most interesting games I’ve ever seen. As a sales manager/salesperson you get to the end of the month and the panic sets in. Which deals can you close to hit your numbers for the month?

Huh? If you are doing your job well and doing it every day, you are going to sell what you sell. To scramble at the end of the month and put the pressure on your prospects to buy is a tough practice.

What happens is you start offering deals if they sign on the dotted line. You cajole, coerce, and try to convince. In my mind you are trying to force a situation that is either going to happen or not.

As the prospect, it’s uncomfortable. Feeling forced, rushed, or tricked into a decision is not a great feeling. So you as the salesperson may get the deal but what has it done to your relationship with that prospect?

Do your job well every day and keep adding to your pipeline. Maintain a healthy concern for the relationship you are building with that prospect. It is for the long term, not the quick hit. Remember the Golden Rule and treat them the way you like to be treated.

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