Great Time in the Desert

We have been in Las Vegas since Sunday participating in the UFG World Expo.

What a great time we're having with the franchisees! Shann and I have participated in the Women in Business forum, presented our Turn It Up! presentation (twice), and will be meeting with the Plan Ahead Events franchisees later today.

It's been a great experience working with these motivated, dedicated, hard working and enthusiastic folks from all over the world.

We appreciate the opportunity to shed some light on some of the 'how-to' of business success with these franchisees and trust we've offered some insight they can take back with them.

We also look forward to working with many of these business owners as we move forward and all go back to our homes at the end of the week.

The leadership at UFG does a great job of putting on an outstanding conference with all kinds of educational opportunities for their franchisees. We are honored to be working with this group.

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