Social Networking in Person

Last night I attended a LinkedIn networking event at the Rockbottom Brewery.

And what a great event it was! There were probably 400 people there meeting and sharing information, cards, leads, and news. I met some really great people.

And, this is one of the best things about social networking - when you make it personal. Social networking is great fo discovering who is out there and what is going on. I think it works even better when you take it the next step and meet people in person.

You find people you have something in common with, you see old contacts, good friends, and have the chance to start new relationships.

Of course, how you follow up the next day has a lot to do with how successful the event will actually be. It doesn't end when you leave the building. Actually, that's really when it just begins.

So, as you navigate the virtual world make sure you bring it in to your personal world where you can.

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