Why Do You Go?

Yesterday I wrote about making sure you take any program all the way to the end. I realized that there was a critical element missing from my post.

Before you implement any program that will impact your clients, ask yourself why you are interested in setting up the new program.

What are you hoping to achieve? What is the result you hope to gain?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you design a plan that will be complete - or will tell you that you shouldn't even go down that road.

If your goal does not include doing something that is best for your client, I submit you should think twice before you venture. Whenever a company implements a system that, while in their best interest, does not take into consideration the client's needs - or, dare I say, is not in the client's best interest - the results can be damaging.

Anything you do should be a win-win. You can't meet your own needs while ignoring your client's needs. Why? Because if your clients don't feel like their needs are being met, they'll leave.

In addition, if they feel like you are half-heartedly providing a program that doesn't really address their needs, they'll conclude that you just don't care.

In this economy, as in any economy, you have to do right by your clients in order to grow.

So, take a look at what you have going on, and what you're planning. Ask yourself how it impacts your client. If your plans don't serve them well - don't launch.

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