Playing to Strengths

It is important in any organization for everyone to do the things they excel at. It's known as playing to everyone's strengths.

Watching the Cleveland Cavaliers play basketball is like watching this concept in action. They know what each player is good at and they trust each other to perform those tasks with excellence.

Together the combination is unbeatable - they've swept Detroit and Atlanta in their quest for the championship.

Find an organization that is successful and within it's walls you will find people doing what they do best. No one is trying to pigeon hole them or make them follow another person's path.

When you have more than one person in your company you would be wise to identify each person's strengths and build their role around them. You can outsource anything that doesn't fit.

When people are tasked with their best chance at success, the whole organization will rise to the occasion.


David said...

Playing to people's strength is the easy; being willing to avoid people's weaknesses is hard. I think this has gotten even harder during these tough economic times. It's a time of "square peg, square hole" where the jobs are defined by organizations, not by people's strengths. I think the advice in your post applies more than ever today, and companies that can hire and retain based on strengths will have long term success. There are very few of them at the moment...

Dave Sohigian

Diane said...

David, thanks for your comments. I agree completely. It's about focus; about being able to stand outside of the business for a minute and ask yourself 'who does what well and how can we use that to help us succeed?'

I think fear prevents people from taking chances and so they button down and try to weather the storm. In reality, now more than ever, business owners need to be doing what is right for their company. Playing to people's strengths will help them survive, as you said.