The Personal Side of Social Media

Do you ping? Or maybe you Tweet, Link, Pulse, FB. Whatever you are doing on social media sites, don't lose sight of the personal aspect.

Networking in any format is only as good as the relationships you build through it. Just because it's on the internet doesn't mean you don't have to build those relationships.

I've had people ask me how much time I spend on social media sites and if all of the interaction is virtual. My answers? About 2.5 hours per week (disregarding personal/family stuff) and it's virtual until it leads to in-person contact.

Now that in-person contact can be via phone, or actually face to face. At the end of the day when you meet or reconnect with people virtually, you still have to take that to the in-touch, more personal level of direct contact.

People do business with people they know, like and trust. I don't know about you, but I have difficulty trusting someone I don't know. It's the more direct interaction that helps you determine who those people are.

So don't just sit on your computer. Reach out and touch someone!


John Ettorre said...

You are so right on with this, Diane. I tell young folks to remember that virtual relationships are great for maintaining them once they've been established in person, but there's no replacing the in person element. But people with large and strong personal networks should also be leveraging virtual means like social networking tools to stay in touch, become learning machines and help others (and themselves) connect. The real power is in leveraging the combination of the two.

Diane said...

Yes, the real power is in leveraging the two. No wonder that's the toughest part! So many people can do one but not the other, or can't combine the two.

I think a part of being successful with this is not worrying about the outcome. You just have to do it and have faith that it's going to bear fruit - in some way at some time.