Go All The Way

When you decide to implement a new program or service, make sure you think it through.

There's not much worse than starting something and not finishing it, or seeing it to it's conclusion. Case in point:
A small bank decides to reach out to it's client base to see if there are other services they could be providing. They set up a calling and reporting system.

The staff starts reaching out to clients and reporting their findings. The problem? No one follows up on the discoveries. So here they are with clients who have expressed interest in learning more about products and services but NO ONE is following up with them.

What are the clients to think? That the bank personnel are disorganized? Inefficient? Ineffective?

How do you think this impacts the client's overall comfort level with the bank? Well, I'll tell you - it's not good. This kind of thing can create doubt and discomfort for clients.

The result? Instead of growing their business and penetrating their current client base, the bank has potentially hurt their relationships with their clients and may actually lose some of them.

The plan to solidify their relationships with current clients has backfired. All because they didn't follow the plan to it's natural conclusion.

Heed the warning and make sure that whatever you do - you do all the way.

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