When You Don't Listen

To your gut, you can get into trouble.

You know that I counsel about the importance of listening to your gut. You should know that it isn't always an easy thing to do.

I had such an experience with a service provider. When we met and talked about what I needed I really liked the person. And yet, there was a nagging feeling I couldn't quite put my finger on - that was my gut.

Instead of listening to it and stepping back, I kept moving full steam ahead - actually feeling like I was being pulled ahead. I allowed a different emotion supercede my gut reaction.

The result wasn't good - on a lot of levels. I did not get what I needed, I became increasingly frustrated, and the event has done harm to what could have been a good relationship.

The lesson here? We all have good instincts but we don't always listen to them. When we don't listen we run the risk of creating real trouble for ourselves and our businesses.

Please learn the lesson from me - the one I experienced, not just the one I preach.

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