New and Old

The other day I was in a restaurant waiting for a friend to arrive for breakfast. At the table behind me a gentleman was telling his companion about an experience he had just had with a vendor.

It seems he's been doing business with this vendor for over 20 years. It's a subscription type product and he has, over the years, paid monthly for the service.

Well, this year at renewal time he got a letter telling him that his payment was due IN FULL before the subscription was to start.

He was less than happy. And do you know why? Because they were treating him like a stranger; like a prospect insteadof like a long time client.

He got the form letter with the new SOP. He contacted the salesperson and complained. Rightly so, IMHO.

If you want to keep your clients you have to treat them well. You must show them that you appreciate them and their business. Otherwise, you risk losing them to a company that really does want them.

It's your call. Will you differentiate new from old?

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