Great Client Service

Yesterday I told you about a story I overheard by a man who was unhappy with a vendor. Today I'd like to share with you a great story.

Today I received a call from my financial planner. Because he is in tune to his clients he believed he should call me before my statement shows up. His firm is going through a conversion process and the statements are messed up.

When he discovered that they would show up incorrect he called to let me know. He cares enough about my business - even though it isn't huge - and his reputation, to reach out and be proactive.

This prevented a problem. I would have been alarmed if he hadn't called to fill me in. He protected me, himself, and his firm.

A very wise man. We could all learn from him. He doesn't differentiate between big and little clients. To him, every client is valuable.

This is why I would never consider changing advisors - and why I trust him completely. That is how people want to feel about their vendors. They want to know their vendors care about them and having their business.

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