Something Very Special

Last night I attended a meeting at COSE regarding the Entrepreneurship Preparatory School. This school is one of the great success stories. It's the story of an entrepreneur who really wanted to make a difference. Someone who wanted to effect change - real, dramatic change - in the lives of inner city kids.

That man is John Zitzner. He had a vision and he is making it a reality.

The only entrance requirement at E Prep is residency in Cleveland, Ohio. They had no idea which kids they'd get. They got the most at risk - test scores in reading and math that were well below 20%; kids who had lost their interest in school, who didn't think they'd finish high school, let alone go to college.

Just 3 years into it, these middle school kids are scoring higher than the public school kids and just about at the levels of the kids in the suburbs. They are high school and college bound - and they truly believe it is possible.

Jason Wright, a running back with the Cleveland Browns, sums it up this way: "Something very special is going on here." You can hear more his thoughts about E Prep here -

Anyone who wants to see real magic at work should visit the school. Tours are given often. There are also informational meetings scheduled throughout the year.

As a middle school, E Prep started with a 6th grade class back in 2006. Plans are underway to open the elementary arm in the Fall of 2009.

The school is also moving to Tyler Village in the Spring of 2009.

Something very special really IS going on over there!

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