Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with the staff of an optometry office/retail location. This group of women truly understand the value of customer service. When the economy is in a tighter position, having something that helps you stand out can work wonders.

There are industries that are helped by recession, those that are hurt by recession and those where no real impact is felt. If you determine that you are in an industry that can be hurt by a recession, then take some action.

Discover how you can help your clients. How can you make them comfortable? How can you make their day better? If you believe in the premise that people want to feel appreciated, then ask yourself - how do you appreciate your clients? How do you let them know?

Those companies and organizations that provide outstanding customer service now are creating great loyalty that will serve them well in the future.

Remember, you are always building relationships with your clients. Keep it up! The rewards are and will be there.

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