How Are They?

So, how are your clients doing? Are you in touch with them?

Now, more than ever, you should be reaching out to your clients. For starters, it's important to your business that you know how they are doing. You don't want to be surprised by something they do - like go away (I mean permanently).

Nor do you want to be surprised by price shopping. The value of the relationship is key here. You can't assume that there is loyalty. In these economic times, business people are loyal to their companies first - not yours. It's your job to keep them loyal.

One method is to touch base. Find out what's going on with them. Do they need anything? Can you help in any way? Can you connect them to resources they need?

Showing them you care and are there to help will increase their loyalty to you. If they are scaling back, you need to know because that could impact your revenue. It also gives you the opportunity to get creative with how you work with them. You may be able to offer discount, or a product in a different way. Maybe there's an added service you can provide free of charge.

You'll never know until you talk with your client and discover their current reality. So, get out there today and touch your clients.

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