Habit #3 - Put First Things First

I have a habit (no pun intended) of telling my son that you have to do what you HAVE to do before you can do what you WANT to do. Hmmm . . .

In my opinion that's the point of habit #3. Have your priorities straight. There really is a hierarchy of how things should be done. You've heard the saying 'don't put the cart before the horse' - right? Well, that's it.

In simpler terms it's like this - you can't close before you sell. You can't assume the deal is done - until it's done. You can't spend the money before you make it. You can't sell until you prospect.

And on it goes. First things first. If you wish, consider a timeline. Plot the steps you have to take to get to the close. Then work the steps.

Are there other interpretations of this habit? I imagine so and would love to hear them. Add yours if you will.

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