Dos and Don'ts - Do #5

Do #5 - Do follow up.

This is critical and often forgotten. This is all part of having a plan. When you have a system or plan, you'll be more apt to follow up because it will be a step in the plan.

When you meet with a prospect, follow up. Answer the questions unveiled at the meeting, create a proposal and schedule a follow up meeting to present that proposal. Follow up with current clients and referral partners.

When you get a referral make sure you pursue it and follow the path. One of the biggest mistakes people make is disregarding the value of a referral. They don't realize that how they handle it will determine the future relationship with the referrer. When you don't follow up you are sendng a message that you don't care or are too disorganized to effectively serve a client. The result is that this referrer will stop giving you referrals and may tell other people about his experience with you.

Follow up needs to take priority. The message you send when you follow up is that you care. I'm sure you now know the message you send when you don't follow up. It's not a good one!

The lesson here is that whether you follow up or not, you are telegraphing information about your business and your effectiveness. Choose wisely.

Do #6 is up next

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