Do and Don'ts - Do #7

Do #7 - last but not least - do offer what your prospect needs - not what you want to sell them.

Huge! So many times I hear salespeople try to convince a prospect they need what they have to sell. Oops! Bad move. It's not the right thing to do. You may have all kinds of products you want to unload, but if they aren't the right fit, don't offer them.

Good salespeople grow their client base by listening and then responding to what their prospect tells them. And this is regardless of what they want to unload.

Let's talk about the things you want to unload for a minute. One of two things is going to happen - either you are going to find the right fit for those things or they aren't worth selling to anyone. The only way you'll find out is by asking the right questions and then really listening to the answers. When you match your product or service to your prospect's need you'll discover the true value of your offerings. You can then tailor your offerings for the future.

So be sure to pay close attention. Just because you think you have something of value doesn't mean your prospects will. Effective sales is all about the fit.

The lesson here is be a good matchmaker.

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