Dos and Don'ts - Don't #8

Don't #8 - Don't fail to follow up

This is our last Don't and is as important as the other 7. Following up is critical in sales. Too often I hear about salespeople who start gathering information and then never offer a proposal. They do this because at some point they determine that they don't want the business or won't get the business. Sometimes they do this because they are disorganized.

Whatever the reason, it is really bad form. It isn't the prospect's job to keep on top of the sale. If sales is about relationship building - and it is - then the primary responsibility falls to the salesperson.

Follow up is also important in regards to referrals. One of the worst things a salesperson can do is fail to follow up on a referral. That failure speaks volumes about the salesperson - they are disorganized, inefficient, uninterested, unqualified, . . . and the list goes on. It also harms the relationship between the referrer and their contact. Lastly, the referrer will most likely refrain from referring you again - because you don't follow up!

If you are going to start - then finish. When you think about it, why would you start something you had no intention of finishing? Right, you wouldn't. So, make sure you follow up on all things.

The lesson here is - finish what you start.

Remember to come back on the 29th to delve into the Dos in the series.

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