Dos and Don'ts - Don't #6

Don't #6 - Don't offer objections so you can quash them.

This is a very dangerous practice and should never be used. There are some people who think their prospects are going to have objections they can argue against. So, they think that if they bring them up at the beginning they'll eliminate them from the process.

That's NOT what happens. What happens is you give your prospect reasons to be concerned. You run a high probability of giing them objections they didn't have before. That doesn't instill confidence.

Your time is better spent telling your prospect the good things about you, your product/service, and your company.

If you start your relationship with objections, you are probably going to end your relationship - without the sale. Instead, start your relationship by listening to what your prospect needs and wants. Then answer those things ONLY. If you have the product or service that meets those needs, and you present your case well and positively you'll be better positioned to gain the business.

If the prospect presents an objection, answer it. That's it. Simple.

The lesson here is don't borrow trouble.

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